Day by Day Prayers 

June 1-5: Pray that even as we continue to hold others in our prayers, so our own prayer life may be exercised, strengthened and deepened, to be useful in Our Lord’s service of those in this country and across the world.
June 6-30: Pray for those who are in Physical, Mental or Emotional need of any kind. During the month try to name people and situations we can specifically identify and then also include others generally as we pray for those who are…
June 6-2: In Difficulty: Finances; education, food, work, decisions
June 13-19: In Danger; Conflict, unrest, oppression, War, Natural and humanly caused disaster
June 20-26: In Pain: Sickness, anxiety, fear, depression, bereavement, loss, self-doubt
June 27-30:  In Trouble or Hardship: relationships, choices, deprivation, Injustice