Rejoice choir in Ashley centre


Our church, Epsom Methodist Church ("EMC") is made up of people from all walks of life and from many different nations. We love diversity and we love to see new people. We really hope that you will feel at home. We have five services each Sunday and we hope that you will find one that suits you.  Which ever service you come to you will be sure of a warm welcome. 

We have a very active Children and Families section.

We also have a vibrant coffee shop "Roots".  


We are very involved with our local community.  We have many community groups who use our premises for meetings, classes, parties and other events.  We run our own projects as an expression of the love of God in a practical way, we run the largest charity book fair in England with over 60,000 books for sale, we have a Food bank every Friday at our church, we run Christmas together for those who would otherwise dine alone that day, we have a "Holiday at Home" for those older members of our congregation and guests who cannot get away on holiday themselves as well as lots of other activities.

Charities at EMC
If you would like to know more about EMC or have any questions please visit the Contact Us page