What we Believe


Mission Statement


To respond to God’s love in Christ for everyone - by being a real focus in the town for Christian teaching, worship and care.

Our Values


We grow to:

  • Help more people discover a deeper knowledge of the love and power of God in their lives 
  • Proclaim the Good News in word and deed
  •  Invite people to belong and grow in the family 
  • Care for each other and encourage belonging.

We learn to:

  • Increase our awareness and understanding of the Bible
  • Improve the quality of our prayer life 
  • Establish more well led small groups
  • Recruit and train leaders of small groups
  • Develop our teaching ministry through themed preaching. 
We worship to:
  • Articulate, with all our hearts, our love of God in our worship, prayer and service 
  • Identify, train and develop leaders for each congregation 
  • Improve musicality in each service
  • Improve the quality and spiritually uplifting nature of our services
We care so we can:
  • All show and receive love and care
  • Notice when people are missing/sick etc
  • Ensure new people are welcomed
  • Share ‘concerns’ through the Pastoral Team
  • Focus on key life moments: funerals, weddings and baptisms.
We look outwards to:
  • Provide opportunities for others to discover God’s love and power in their lives  
  • Provide regular and active mission and outreach events and points of contact between the church and the community of Epsom & Ewell
  • Ensure that our EMC building reflects our purpose
Children and Young People:
  • To demonstrate God’s care for children and young people and their families
  • To provide opportunities for children and young people to encounter God in their lives
  • Care for and nurture the young people in our care and their families.