Sunday services will continue to be live streamed on YouTube as well as being held in EMC

 We are operating as follows for both the 9.00am and 10.30 services

 The Government has now dropped all of its requirements regarding Covid, of which I’m sure you are aware. The onus has been placed on society to look after itself. Clearly, we want church to feel safe and to be a place where you want to come for fellowship and for worship.
We are now vaccinated or in the process of getting our allocations and are in a much better position to resist the brutality of Covid that we saw in its early days.  As the Government says, we must now learn to live with it.
You will notice that our signs request the wearing of masks around the building rather than that we require it. Your courtesy in continuing to wear masks for worship to date has been appreciated. Similarly, with singing, you have been so patient in wearing masks for worship, which I know is not comfortable. 
We will continue to maintain ‘distanced’ areas for those who need distance and will be adding extra chairs to accommodate the swell in numbers! We monitor the air quality with a special piece of kit which means that extra ventilation can be obtained well in advance of problem levels which means that the heat in the worship area stays there and is more comfortable as a result.

We are doing our best to keep you safe.

Coffee will be served at the end of the 10.30am service.

We are asking that priority for parking is given to those for whom mobility is an issue. Please do park off site if you are fit and able to do so.

We are also  live streaming our services . There are five different streamed services:

The main English language services  are:
9.00am Morning Worship. Traditional with hymns and Christian Message

10.30am  Sunday Celebration.  Contemporary style with Christian message  for all the family, followed by refreshments.
Both services are live streamed or can be watched via the you Tube channel.  Follow this link: Click here for the EMC YouTube Channel 

There are also services for our Chinese congregation:   Sunday services are normally held at the following times:
2pm - International congregation (in English)
2pm - Service in Cantonese or Mandarin

Click here for the CCEMC YouTube Channel

Please see the CCEMC website for further information: 


Sunday 14th November 2021 - Remembering our Loved Ones

We have annual services to remember our loved ones. 
Last year, we met over lunch in our Roots Cafe and also on Sunday Evening.
Candles were lit and news were placed on the Memorial Cross. Here are some pictures:

 loving memory 2021 v1   loving memory 2021 v2  In loving memory 2021 v4  In loving memory 2021 v3

We meet at:
Epsom Methodist Church
11-13 Ashley Rd
Epsom KT18 5AQ

There is some parking available on site and plenty in nearby public car parks, Further details here.

You can expect a warm welcome, great worship, relevant preaching based in the Word of God and a friendly group of people ready to learn more about what it means to be a follower of Jesus. 
After the main service finishes there will an be opportunity for prayer if needed.

If you have any questions about our Sunday services or need to get in touch with us about anything else we will be happy to help. Please Contact Us for more information.  


Mid-Week and Other Services.

At Christmas and Easter there are additional services.

There are also prayer meetings, reflections and bible study.

Other Prayer and Reflection

Please see our "Prayer and Reflection" page under 'What's On' for further information about these aspects of our worship.